Start Here

Are you a local musician in Hilo Hawaii and interested and doing a gig at Amigos Cantina?
If so, you can start by mailing your EPK to .

Don't have an EPK?
No problem, send us a photo, a short description of your show, and some way to hear a clip of your music (youTube, facebook video, recording your biggest fan made on the phone, it's all good).

Next steps

If you are a fun filled show that will get people moving and draw a crowd, were gonna try to book you at least 4-8 weeks in advance for a friday or saturday night from 7-10pm.
That gives us time to work with you on the graphics, descriptions, timing, and other important details.
We will create the facebook event, update our website's event calendar, and create signage to distribute throughout downtown hilo.
We're looking for you to share the event with your usual channels, call your friends, and blackmail them into showing up.

The Stage

The cantina has a couple options for play locations depending on the number of people in your hui. The best approach is to see it for yourself, so stop on by with or without notice and check the space. We also have some space for equipment storage. We do not have a green room and we will not buy you M&M's or remove all the green M&Ms from the bag you bought from KTA. Pre-Covid seating for both the Cantina and Restaurant side was just under 80 people with a band. With Covid its about half that.

Technical Rider

As of right now, the Cantina has a 16channel analog soundcraft mixer, DriveRack260 in crossover configuration to 4 SRX700 speakers for the Cantina side. On the restaurant side we have two 100W Sonics. We have 2 low quality mics and a bluetooth adapter for laptops/phones.


Do you have a giant mummy that comes on stage and breathes fire? How about a screen that plays hypnotic patterns behind you? We're open to whatever you want to bring to make the gig more fun and follow your vibe. Lets talk about it while we are planning the event.

Recurring Events

We are looking for fun shows to join our recurring calendar. Typically this will be 2 or 3 months in a row before we take a break to avoid audience fatigue. That doesn't mean we don't want you back after a short break though! If you are interested in a recurring event, please let us know. We will ask you to play a one off show first, to see how it fits and if its mutually benefical, we can discuss a regular rotation.
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Amigos Cantina
250 Keawe Street
Hilo, HI
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